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Get enrolled at ATF Academy for only $79 (Official Uniform Not Included - Limited Time Offer).
ATF has a genuine concern for all our students and is committed to the highest standards of traditional Taekwondo. Our instructors are constantly evaluating and improving technique and procedures to ensure quality control.

Quality Taekwondo training is never an accident, but the result of focused and intelligent efforts. ATF pledges the full scope of its talents and knowledge by providing the best forms training, the best sparring segments and the ultimate weapons performance. It is our pledge to never be satisfied with "status quo" and always seeking ways to improve teaching and techniques.

ATF Academy will build your child's mind, body, and enduring spirit. It will give your child a proven formula for success in every area of his/her life! It is time for the doubting to stop, and for your child to start! ATF will keep your child in tune with his/her goals! We are offering a new Beginner's Special, with an official ATF uniform (not included) at discounted price with tuition as low as $79 for one month trial.

Contact ATF Academy at 399-3939 to schedule a complimentary class. We offer unlimited Taekwondo classes Monday-Friday for ages 4 and up.

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Now your child have the opportunity to join the thousands of people (of all ages!) who have enhanced their quality of life through the ATF Academy system - a system that blends character development, fitness, and self-defense into an oasis of rejuvenation for your child.

ATF Academy provides the most exciting and innovative Taekwondo programs your child will ever experience. your child's potential is unlimited! Your child have dreams - your child have goals. You know that your child's life could be a masterpiece. But, how do you unlock your child's potential? Do you have a plan or are you hoping it will happen? ATF Academy will give your child the key to unlocking the incredible intelligence, talent, and resources within him/her.

Please contact our ATF Academy at 399-3939 to schedule a complimentary class. We offer unlimited classes Monday-Friday for ages 4 and up. See full beginner Class Schedule Here.