ATF Academy Programs

ATF Black Belt Academy provides the most exciting and innovative programs YOU and YOUR child will ever experience in the area of child development.

When answering the question, "What do you expect your child to gain from the study of the ATF Black Belt Academy's system?" The majority of parents indicate that they want their children to learn the values taught at ATF Black Belt Academy: respect, confidence, responsibility and self-discipline.

Our programs are designed to improve: hand/eye coordination, attention span, endurance, strength, confidence, etc. ATF programs are designed to harness a child's seemingly boundless energy and focus it to create productivity in the child's life.

If you are a parent searching for ways to counterbalance the negative messages bombarding your children from movies, television and other forms of pop culture, search no further! Our Children programs are designed to keep children engaged while they train.

Participants will partake in drills, games, and exercise that are exciting and fun. ATF instructors will mentor your child and guide them in undertaking challenges that, in turn, will build your child's confidence.

This newfound confidence will spill into other areas of your child's life that will help empower him or her to overcome adversity.

Lil' Champs Program (Ages 4 & 5)

The Lil' Champs is a unique program designed to teach the basics of Taekwondo, fundamental skills, memorization, concentration and focus to children ages 4-5. The "Lil' Champs Program" takes Taekwondo curriculum and makes it easy and fun for three to five year olds. The program is designed to teach not only martial arts, but social and life skills as well. The eight skills learned by Lil' Champs are: Focus, Balance, Memory, Teamwork, Control, Coordination, Discipline, and Fitness.

The program is designed to keep little practitioners engaged and have fun while they are learning. The program harnesses child's seemingly boundless energy and focuses it in drills and games that are fun and educational. Material covered includes: Taekwondo Basics, Memorization Drills, Dexterity Games and more.

Entry Level Program (Ages 6 & up)

Designed to implement the self defense skills, Taekwondo techniques, physical conditioning, and life skills curriculum for beginners of ages 6 and up.

The Entry Level Program is designed to take a beginner and introduce him or her into the world of martial arts. The program introduces techniques and traditions to a newcomer without overwhelming them. Students learn movements, etiquette, and techniques that promote fitness of both mind and body.

This program helps relieve stress and increase energy by engaging the body in exercise and drills. Participants of this program build the foundation in their lives to help them grow physically and mentally. In turn, the practitioner will begin to experience improvements in fitness, concentration, social interaction, and confidence. Material covered includes: Taekwondo Basics, Floor Drills, Memorization Drills, Coordination Drills and more.

Black Belt Club Program (Ages 6 & up)

Created to add traditional Taekwondo forms with presentation and focus, street self defense and self awareness, safe martial arts application, point sparring in addition to Taekwondo philosophy, board breaking and weapons.

The "Black Belt Club" is designed to introduce students to different areas of martial arts. With the inclusion of tools such as traditional weapons and boards, students begin to understand the application of technique. The "Black Belt Club" is a program that promotes growth and refinement of technique as well as keeping students engaged in training.

The program also provides students with discounts and opportunities that are not available with a regular membership. Material covered includes: Nunchuku, Escrima, Sparring, Basic Self Defense, Board Breaking and more.

Leadership Program (Ages 6 & up)

This leadership program is for anyone wishing to move up through the ranks as a leader. The first chapter provides a basic background on leadership, while the following chapters provide the skills and knowledge needed to implement effective leadership.

Lessons learned in the leadership program will benefit the practitioner in everyday life as well as in the training hall. Members learn to develop traits such as responsibility, accountability, and boldness. Members of the Leadership Program rise up from the pack and lead by example.

This program is designed to take the average student and mold them into the role of a leader and eventually the coveted role of instructor. Material covered includes: Awareness, Teaching Methods, Maintaining Positive Control, Adaptability and more.