Black Belt Club (Ages 6 & up)

ATF Black Belt Academy provides the most exciting and innovative programs YOU and YOUR child will ever experience in the area of child development.

Created to add traditional Taekwondo forms with presentation and focus, street self defense and self awareness, safe martial arts application, point sparring in addition to Taekwondo philosophy, board breaking and weapons.

The "Black Belt Club" is designed to introduce students to different areas of martial arts. With the inclusion of tools such as traditional weapons and boards, students begin to understand the application of technique. The "Black Belt Club" is a program that promotes growth and refinement of technique as well as keeping students engaged in training.

The program also provides students with discounts and opportunities that are not available with a regular membership. Material covered includes: Nunchuku, Escrima, Sparring, Basic Self Defense, Board Breaking and more.

ATF - Accreditation Commitment

In keeping with our martial arts tradition values, Mr. Melatti, the founder of the American Taekwondo Federation is committed to the accreditation standards and process, to ensure we provide the highest level of martial arts teaching to the community. The accreditation standards serve as the foundation for our schools to meet or exceed, nationally established benchmarks.